Flying a ULM or a drone

Travel, first flights, flying lessons, Drone cessions…

First flights or flying lessons :

Our club ULM24 is open all year long to initiate or even teach you to fly flexwing or Multiaxis ULM.  Personal courses will perfectly fit to your needs and spare time,  which will give you time enough to enjoy your holidays with your family. For more information about our all included programs (which could be a nice Christmas or birthday gift!), you can either visit our web site or contact us.

Piloting drones or model aircrafts :

DRONEPLAY and DRONEWORK offers initiation and training to drones remote control. Either for leisure or professional purposes, from theory to practice, you can benefit from our knowledge. It only takes a few hours for initiations. The complete training requires several days or even several stays according to your availabilities. A way to integrate learning during your family vacation! For more information, you can either contact us or visit our web site

Travel and club outings

Looking for a base to fly to or to organise a fly in with your club ? On your own or with a group, the Domaine de la Bessède is the place for you. Situated 200m away from Belvès airfield (LFIB) and its grass strip of 800m X 60m. Our region is ideal for aeronautical tourism.

On site you will have :

  • Parking: a large outside parking, and depending on the availability, we may be able to find one or two places to park your planes in our hangar.
  • Re fueling : for those who need SP98, we can either share with you part of our stock or give you the means to go to the petrol station (véhicule, tanks, priming hose). For those who need 100LL or AVGAS, TOTAL petrol stations of Sarlat and Bergerac are based at 10 to 15mn flight.
  • Accommodation: you will be comfortably installed in our holiday village, composed of 5 self catering chalets, heated swimming pool and reception hall. A friendly and warm place to rest and enjoy between 2 flights. You can travel light, towels and sheets are provided !
  • Catering : The chalets and the hall are fully equiped, you can either prepare your own meals or choose from one of our caterers. We can also prepare your breakfast if you wish.

We are at your entire disposal for any further help you may require to organise your trip, do not hesitate to contact us.

Aeromodelists :  An approved strip enclosed in the airfield situated 200m away from the chalets will allow you to practice your leisure during your holidays. With a small membership to the local club, you will be able to fly on your own without any restriction, as far as you respect the edited rules obviously.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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