Reception hall

A welcoming living space to get together. Comfortable and modern, this room can be used for festive moments, relaxation or work. Thereby you will be able to prepare and share your meals, your evenings, your meetings without disturbing the younger ones resting in the chalets…

A set “chalets and reception hall” ideal and practical for your family or friend meetings, seminars, club outings or other events. This hall is fully equipped to meet your needs. With a total surface of 225 m2, this hall includes a large fully equipped kitchen, a bar, an 85 m2 open space, and a 75 m2 terrace.

You will find garden furniture, tables and chairs, dishes, a whole sound system,  a video projector, mood lights, a baby foot…

For your meals, you can also have the choice between different caterers.

This hall is usually reserved for groups wishing to privatize the site but it can be rented alone. Do not hesitate to contact us for rental conditions.

Discover this hall in 360° !

85m2 open space



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